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Biography and Profile of Wilder Boxer

Are you missing the heavyweight boxing matches that happened until March? The impact of the lockdown has affected all industries, more or less, with most sporting events postponed or canceled. We cannot wait for the coronavirus pandemic to subside soon, but here we are taking a look at some of those players who had some good games before the pandemic hit the world. Of them, we will take time to talk about Deontay Wilder, who has been the heavyweight title champion for the past five years.

In this article, we are going to discuss his life and the matches he has played so far in making him the ultimate beast of the game. He has a tremendous track record in the number of fights he has played so far and keeps aspiring millions of people throughout the world. So without any further ado, let us take a look at his early life and journey to success in the next segment.

Wilder biography and profile

The Early Life To Success of Deontay Wilder

Born as Deontay Leshun Wilder, he has been one of the more popular heavyweight boxers of his time, defending his championship title for the past five years. Since his childhood days, he was into sports and wanted to become either a footballer or a basketball player. He got married early and currently has two children, one of whom has spinal issues. To cope up with the financial pressure, he had to do several odd jobs in order to fend for his family. Ultimately, boxing became his pavement to gain financial freedom.

Starting by boxing at the Sky Boxing Gym in Alabama, he further went on to win the US championships and also defeated Quantis Graves in the Olympics trials. His amateur career ended with a 30-5 record. So far, he has played 44 matches out of which only 1 has been a draw and a loss respectively! Can you keep up with that?

Wilder’s Boxing Journey So Far

His professional debut took flight in the year 2008 when he went up against Ethan Cox. The following year, he took part in 7 bouts and won smoothly in the first round itself. By 2012, there was no stopping him as he went on to win 25 bouts all on his own.

He had an exciting match against Audley Harrisson in the Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield which also turned out to be his first fight in the United Kingdom. Harrison shortly retired after his defeat to Wilson. Further, Wilder went up against Mallik Scott in 2014. In the Return To Glory advent of 2015, and caked Bermane Stiverne all throughout the match. This made him the WBC heavyweight champion.

In the next segment, we will talk about Wilder’s net worth and his associations that have helped him with his earnings so far.

Wilder’s Net Worth and What Lies Ahead

Since then, he has come a long way to the point of earning $14 million in his bout against Luis Ortez in 2018. His current estimated net worth is $30 million since he won the same from all his fights. He is also known to have a sponsored deal with Everlast.

His last match was against Tyson Fury on 22dn February 2020 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada where he lost in the sixth round. Even though this was his first loss, his legacy is expected to continue once the matches resume after the lockdown is over.

To Sum Up

Deontay Wilder has remained a true fighting spirit and has come a long way from having humble beginnings. While he remains the ultimate champion inside the ring with varying personalities outside of it, we wish him nothing but success and cannot wait to see how far he comes through in his career.

Wilder vs Fury 3 VPN

Top 5 VPNs To Watch Wilder Vs Fury 3 Match Online

Wilder Vs Fury is the match that has drawn everyone’s attention. This match has been long-awaited and is much needed. Amidst the coronavirus lockdown, there has been no significant sporting action taking place. Well, we know that everyone knows about the match and now the question comes how can one watch it. See the match will be geo-blocked for some regions. That means not everyone across the world can watch it freely online on the live stream format. This can be changed by simply using a VPN. Let’s have a review on top VPNs to watch Wilder vs Fury 3 boxing live from any Countries.

Wilder vs Fury 3 VPN

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NORD VPN USD 11.99 Per Month

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IP Vanish / USD 10 per month

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T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas will host Wilder vs Fury Fight on October 3rd 2020

According to reports the heavyweight fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder might take place in the month of October in Las Vegas in October.

On the 22nd of February, Fury with a score of 30-0-1, 21 knockouts defeated Wilder who scored 42-1-1, 41 Knockouts and by the 7th round, the match ended in favor of Fury. But after the defeat, Wilder blamed his costume and the referee for his defeat and quickly challenged for a rematch as per the contract. Within a few days after the lone defeat of his career, Wilder exercised a rematch clause that was included in the fight’s contract.

MGM Grand Garden Arena Will Host Wilder vs Fury 3

This will be the third time Tyson Fury the WBC heavyweight champion could face his rival Deontay on the 3rd of October. The boxing match may take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. But since the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, none of the dates or the venue could be finalized. However, the organizers are positive that the big event will take place in October.

Apparently, Tyson Fury will make 60 percent of the money that will be generated from the 3rd fight against Wilder. Wilder will pocket 40 percent. Both the boxers have mutually split the profits generated from the 2nd matchup. The total amount that the 2nd fight earned was between 800,000 and 850,000 pay-per-view buys.

How To watch the Big Fight Online

ESPN, FOX will stream the Fury vs Wilder 3 event in the United States. This will be a Pay Per View event where you need to buy to watch the event live online from your Computers or laptops. If you are planning to watch the event for free, there will be lot of channels like Reddit, Twitch, etc but it’s not recommended to watch the event illegally.

Wilder vs Fury Third Fight Start Date, Venue and Updates

As per the latest trends, Fury vs Wilder 3 will be the most-watched boxing event in 2020. Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury are scheduled to go head to head for the 3rd time. Tyson Fury achieved a spectacular TKO triumph in Las Vegas as he imposed the 1st defeat in the career of Wilder on the 22nd of February at the MGM Grand Arena.

As Anthony Joshua will have a fight against Kubrat Pulev in June, Wilder was quick to challenge Tyson Fury. There was a clause for a which was mentioned in the contract of the fight. As such, both the fighters will again go head-to-head for the WBC title, and then there will be a war against Anthony Joshua surely later in the year.

According to the clauses mentioned in the contract, Tyson Fury will pocket a 60/40 split of the money after the rematch.

But the fans in the United Kingdom might not be happy as the match is going to be one more early start in the morning, as per the statement of Bob Arum who is promoting Wilder the fight will surely take place in the United States of America.

Wilder vs Fury Third Fight Start Date
Wilder vs Fury Third Fight

When and Where is Fury vs Wilder 3?

Wilder had one month to work out his acceptance to the challenge to the rematch after he was defeated in Las Vegas. Tyson Fury did that, with a provisional date for the boxing match now being signed. Originally it looked like on Saturday the 18th of July both the fighters will face each other for the 3rd time. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the fight was shifted to a new date on October 3, which was agreed by both the parties.

Fury vs Wilder 3: Impact of the coronavirus.

Since there has been no official announcement about the fight the promoters are keen on waiting how the impact of the COVID-19 will be in the near future and only then they will confirm a date.

Las Vegas along with many other cities in the United States of America is under lockdown, which means no big sports event will be held during this time.

Even if it will be held in any other part of the world, it cannot be done due to the travel restrictions that have been imposed. The organizers are also considering conducting the boxing matches in the indoor premises but that will not appropriate for a fight of this scale.